Do we have to treat Thyroid Cancer?

Do we have to treat Thyroid Cancer?

Articles have been published in both the Australian Newspaper and the Sydney Morning Herald on September 7 2016. They report on an another article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and suggest that Thyroid Cancer is over diagnosed and is a mostly harmless cancer. Is this true?

American Head & Neck Society meeting - 2016

Held in Seattle - home of Starbucks Coffee! An amazing few days listening to world leaders in the field of Head & Neck Cancer. Dr Matthew Magarey found the highlights of the conference to be discussing the advances in Trans Oral Robotic Surgery, listening to the updates on numerous clinical trials running throughout the world, and of course, keeping contact with his colleagues from the USA, Canada, Europe, England, Israel and the Middle East.

ASOHNS Melbourne, March 6-8, 2016

Melbourne has hosted another successful Annual meeting for the Australian Society of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery. International visitors including Dr Luc Morris from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York gave remarkable insights into the rapidly emerging field of personalised cancer medicine. His presentation on cancer genomics highlighted the potential future advancements in cancer treatment.

New Thyroid Nodule Guidelines released by the ATA

The American Thyroid Association recently released new guidelines for the management of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

These guidelines are used widely around the world as the resource for accepted treatment strategies.

Several changes mean that treatment strategies for thyroid cancer are becoming less aggressive. This is due to the excellent outcomes that are now being achieved.

Make sure your surgeon is aware of the latest information regarding management strategies.

The guidelines can be accessed on the American Thyroid Association website here.

Dr Magarey ENT Surgeon visits Nepal

Dr Magarey is in Nepal where he has visited the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. He joined the ENT department for grand rounds, outpatient clinics and observed the operating theatres.

Matthew also addressed the Society of Otolaryngologists of Nepal as the guest speaker at their AGM and Education evening. He gave a well received lecture on the latest guidelines for thyroid cancer from the ATA (American Thyroid Association), and also presented on the management of recurrent thyroid cancer.

Throat cancer on the rise

Throat cancer on the rise

The sexual revolution is producing a new wave of throat and tongue cancers among middle-aged people, who are falling victim to a rare side effect of the "common cold of sexually transmitted infections".

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